Amazon Start Up

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$1,931.00 $1,844.00

  • ✔ FBA Web Design
  • ✔ Product Listing
  • ✔ Logo Design
  • ✔ Product Photogrpghy
  • ✔ Packaging Design
  • ✔ 14 working days
  • ✔ 90 Days Lemongraf Support



We’ll create your brand image on Amazon for a promising business start. The package meets the premium requirements of a brand with a strong visual identity.

Logo Design

We’re keeping in mind that the logo must remain in the mind of the customers and be easy to recognize. You do not want punctual sales but you have decided to focus on building a brand, right? In this way, the number of clients attracted increases. And the logo has a vital role in building your image on Amazon.

Packaging Design

The packaging of a product is of major importance in the sales process, being among the main marketing tools. First of all, it is part of your brand. In addition, it has the role of communicating with the client: it presents the image of the product, puts the product in value and provides instructions for use. It should also be kept in mind that packaging helps to distinguish your product from that of competition by design and color.

Web Design

To be on the top, be one step ahead of your competitors through a professional presentation website. A well structured website increases the trust of potential customers and can easily be integrated into any marketing plan.

Product Photography

Help the future buyer know your product and form a clear picture of the product and its benefits. To maximize the success of your product on Amazon and increase sales, you need quality photos. It has been proven that the images significantly influences the conversion factor. At Lemograf, we include props, infographics and models when needed

4 reviews for Amazon Start Up

  1. Floarea Gabriel

    Really pleased with their services.Very professional from the beggining all the way through,will definetly recommend their services.

  2. Cosmin Chirica

    Excelent amazon marketing services

  3. Laura

    A team of professionals, from which I’ve learned a lot.
    Without their support, I couldn’t have kickstarted my business so smoothly.

  4. Stephane Bacquaert Stephane

    Great Company.Andrei Alexa and Silviu Trisca took a personal interest in seeing to it that we got exactly what we needed for our Amazon business

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