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We’re young, ambitious and we smile a lot!

If you are also passionate about design or marketing and want to support the work of those who sell Amazon, join Lemongraf team


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We are aware that Lemongraf’s value is given by the sum of the value of each member of the team. Thus, we want people to share the same values with us, positive and ambitious people, who emphasize performance. We appreciate intelligence because we want our partners to be confident that they work with professionals from whom they will always receive trusted solutions.

Besides, we are young, ambitious, we love to innovate and … we smile a lot!

Lemonexpert - Copywriting / SEO

Lemongraf is looking for an English Copywriter who has deep insights into SEO marketing tactics on the Amazon platform. Our Copywriter team is responsible for creating and optimizing content for products listed on the Amazon platform. More details by e-mail!

Lemonexpert - Graphic Designer

We are looking for a future member of Lemongraf, which is motivated to combine the art of creativity into various digital graphics projects:Generating graphic concepts, text and image processing, final verification, design completion for materials as visual identity, printed products. It requires good knowledge of vector graphics (Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator), creativity and imagination, but above all enthusiasm. More details by e-mail